Values and Philosophy

"Intercerama" is a modern, dynamic company focused on the modern market demands of ceramic tiles. From the beginning, the company chose the quality as its philosophy, which is reflected in all its spects. Speaking about the quality, we mean the choice of raw materials unique by their characteristics, modern equipment, implementation of advanced production technology, using of creative design solutions, providing favorable conditions for the partnership. Especially the quality as a principle of our work helped the company "Intercerama" to achieve a leading position in the production and supply of ceramic tiles.

With this we appreciate a word experience, using the best achievements of leading companies and adapting them to the existing realities and requirements of national buyer. We are not satisfied with what has already been achieved, constantly giving attention to new proprietary designs. We follow the latest trends in interior fashion, offering fresh interesting solutions. Therefore, our collections are always up-to-date, diverse and off-standard, they are created with consideration of the tastes of consumers today. Moreover, they officially meet all standards and regulatory requirements of quality control authorities.