Ceramic tile is one of the popular modern building materials. Ceramic tile is divided in
accordance with its purpose and mode of production. The tile production is rather laborious 
process, which includes several stages. In order to get the tiles of perfect quality, the modern 
production equipment, the best raw materials (clay, sand, chalk, feldspar, kaolin) and imported 
glaze material are used. The tile manufacturing process begins with a careful preparation 
and storage of raw materials. According to formula; all raw materials are dosed and milled in 
continuous mills in wet method. The resulting mixture is called slip. The next step is getting 
press powder by spraying the slip into the atomizer.

Press powder after maturing in the storage silos is fed to the press. After the pressing process
tile is exposed to the process of drying. Further, depending on the type of final product, tiles are 
decorated, fired (floor tile) or fired and decorated with the following final firing (wall tile). The 
decoration of tiles is a very important process. It includes the application of engobe and glaze 
and decoration with the technique of rotocolor printing or digital which allows decorate more 
complex surfaces. The final phase of production is classification of tiles.

A thorough laboratory and production control is made at all stages of tiles production. Our
tile corresponds to the world standards by all parameters. Tiles are grouped according to type, 
size (caliber), tonality. All tile parameters required for the buyer to choose the right tiles and 
configuration are indicated on the packaging.