Recommendations of the design at the selection of ceramic tiles

Creating collections of ceramic tiles, our designers not only take into account the latest fashion trends, but also work hard in finding the most harmonious and spectacular combinations. However, the buyer can always develop his talents and realize their dreams of the perfect interior, experimenting with different shades, textures, decors. But it is worth remembering a few simple rules that will help choose your original decision.

Types of laying wall tiles

Choosing ceramic tile, you need to decide in advance which way it will be laid. Thus, it is necessary to take into account some special features.

Tile in the full wall

This option is suitable for large rooms, as visually narrows the space. A glossy tile of cold pastel shades will help to avoid it. For larger areas will be suitable warm gamma, pronounced textures and contrasting decors.



Tile panels

With this original and popular alternative, the first thing you have to decide is the height of the floor will be finished the tiling. As a rule, it is laid for two-third of the wall, bur as higher are the ceilings , more variants can be used. 




Part of a wall

The most actual current trend is tiles laying on some part of the wall. It can be vertical or horizontal line, decorated corner of the room, as well as a fragment of irregular shape.


Also remember that using tiles you can not only protect the walls, but also highlight certain parts of the interior, to make it more complete and harmonious.

Types of laying floor tiles


Floor tile also plays an important role in creating an individual style of the room. And the variants of its laying can hide the weak points of a room, putting it in a favorable light.


Standard laying 

Is a traditional laying by geometric cells, arranged in rows parallel to the walls. This method is simple and is made without any particular quality errors. Individuality to this floor you can give with decorative elements and contrasting inserts.



Laying at an angle

Diagonal method is most advantageously looking at the angle of 45° and for this are more preferable monochrome tiles. Such a method of laying gives the room an original look, but the consumption of materials is much more because of the need to lay pieces of tiles near walls.



Checkerboard laying

This variant gives the room brightness and extravagance. It will require a combination of contrasting tiles, but you can use two similar colors as well. Also, this method provides a wide field for experiments, for example, when using striped tiles, you can alternate order of vertical and horizontal lines.



Laying in lines

For this method you need tile of two or three colors, with which you can make rows along the perimeter of the room, as well as create vertical or horizontal lines. This method is rather economical in terms of materials consumption.



Using tiles of various shapes and colors, as well as mosaics and decors helps to create on the floor unusual spectacular patterns. You can put diagonal patterns, decorate the floor near walls or lay a singular "pad" in the middle.




Ceramic tile and room space

Choosing ceramic tile, it is worth remembering some of its features, which you can use to achieve the desired visual effect.

  • The tile of small size and cold light shades can visually enlarge the room.

  • Bright colors look good on large spaces.

  • Use of dark tiles on the floor and walls bottom, and light colors above will help to create the effect of the high ceilings.

  • In case of correct geometrical ornaments and compositions better to choose 2-3 shades in order to not overload the space.

  • In rooms with windows facing north, better to lay light self-colored tiles or use a fine ornament, it will fill them with air and light.

  • Floor tile with imitation of wood or stone will show to most advantage in classical o country interiors.

On the walls and floor, it is preferable to lay tile from the same collection that will help to create the consonance and integrity of the interior.


Variety and diversity of ceramic tiles collections allows you to experiment with traditional or non-standard variants of color, textural, dimensional combinations, as well as pictures, ornaments, decorative elements. If case you have some doubts regarding your choice, our designers will help you, will always come to the aid of our designers, suggesting the most successful and effective option of interior solutions.